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Walking Down Taguig Memory Lane

The old man slowly but steadily made his way to the front of the room where I was standing. I had just finished addressing a group of some one hundred people who were gathered to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Presidential Proclamation No. 2476. His eyes were shining as he came up to me and […]

Day of the Girl

All over the world, we just celebrated the #DayoftheGirl. At 15, I was a UP Maroon. I was studying Economics and playing for the UP Women’s Volleyball Team. At 17, I played for the Philippine National Volleyball team.   At 25, I became a lawyer, and at 28, I was a mom. Today, I have […]

Remembering Senator Joker Arroyo

I am deeply saddened by the passing of former Senator Joker Arroyo. More than a colleague, he was a mentor to me for nine years, and my seatmate for three years in the 15th Congress (2010-2013). I looked up to him for his wisdom as a seasoned lawyer and legislator, who always spoke with eloquence […]

SONA 2004-2015

My very first SONA as a newly elected Senator was in 2004. Four Congresses, two Presidents, and eleven years later, I look back with pride at the work that I have done over my term as a Senator. These are my babies – the laws that I laboured on to defend and enact. Health Reproductive […]

Gabriel’s Symphony meets Medieval Florence

In the heart of medieval Florence is the Casa di Dante, home of Dante Alighieri, the famous writer, poet and politician who lived in the 13th century. This is where AILO, an international organization of women in Florence, Italy held a benefit concert for Gabriel’s Symphony, my foundation in memory of my son Gabriel, dedicated […]

Global Vision: More Women in Parliament and Government Positions

Quotas as a means to increase women’s participation in politics. This was the debate this morning at the Meeting of the Women Parliamentarians here at the 131st Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva. For years, the IPU Committee on Women, of which I was Chair from 2008-2010, has been tracking the number of women […]

Women Gladiators

Running the Rome Marathon has always been on my bucket list. When I found out that the Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting that I regularly attend on behalf of the Philippine Senate was going to be held the week before Rome Marathon and on my birthday weekend, I knew that Rome was mine to take! The day […]

Public Engagement 2.0

When I first ran in 2004, I didn’t have a Facebook account, I didn’t have a Twitter account, nor Instagram or a blog. I campaigned the traditional way – speaking at rallies, attending various caucuses and meetings with various groups. In 2010, I ran for re-election.  By then I had a Facebook and a Twitter […]

Impeachment: What to Expect?

As all eyes turn to the Senate, to watch the impeachment trial unfold, an understanding of the procedure and the intent of the Constitution would help everyone understand this process better. Role of the Senate: Article XI, section 6 of the Constitution states: The Senate shall have the sole power to try and decide all […]

Teen, tweens and a toddler in Baguio

Christmas 2012 When I was a child, I spent almost every Christmas break, summer break and semestral break in Baguio. I simply got in the car or the bus, fell asleep on my mom’s shoulder and woke up when we stopped-over in Tarlac where I happily devoured Pampanga’s best tocino, sinangag and fried egg. These […]