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Dr Jose Rizal, hero. Coming soon to a Liquor Store near you.

I write this blog on the occasion of Dr. Jose Rizal’s  153rd birthday.  As a child, I  grew up reading comic books and short stories about his life and later on reading his two masterpieces Noli Me Tangare and El Filibusterismo. A few years ago I had a chance to visit Spain and do a […]

Takbong Gabi Days 3 and 4: Run for Recycling & Waste Segregation and Bone Health

As I write this, our country is still reeling from the devastating aftermath of Typhoon Sendong (international name Washi) in Mindanao. My heart and prayers go out to all the families, especially the women and children, who have been displaced, lost their home and even their  loved ones.  I have requested for the release of […]

Takbong Gabi Day 1 and 2: Run for Hepatitis B & Liver Cancer, and Anti-Violence Against Women and Children

Amidst the Christmas rush and defending my senate bills on the floor, including the Reproductive Health bill, I launched 12 days of Takbong Gabi, a Twitter based advocacy run where participants  run for a different cause each day wherever they are and whatever time they can. So, that’s me lacing up for Takbong Gabi on Monday […]

Takbong Gabi

It’s the season of giving, and also a time of merriment and lots of eating. This is also the time when diets and fitness plans are broken. My training partners and I deal with this every year. Instead of fighting it, we embrace the season and ensure that we squeeze in our runs and bike […]

The Philippine Flag in the light of the Hijacking Incident

After the recent hijacking incident involving a military official who hijacked a bus load of foreign nationals and some Filipinos, another public uproar emerged when his casket was draped with the Philippine flag. I had twitted that I was of the view that this was inappropriate. The Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted the  Chinese embassy’s statement: “The […]

London Part I: Women Power thru Pinay OFWs and the Queens of England

After my conference in Geneva, I flew to London. I had requested the Philippine Embassy to set-up a dialogue with the Pinay OFWs, particularly the nurses. I have been working on our problem brought about the migration of our health professionals and knowing that we had a large number of nurses in the UK, I […]

Rice and Eggs and Other Surprises in Desaru (A Tri Story)

We found ourselves in Desaru, Malaysia when the 70.3 Ironman Putrajaya was suddenly postponed. We had trained for months and were ready to race. Ani de Leon instantly found another race, just 1 week after the original race we  trained for. It was called the  Desaru Long Distance Triathlon (2k swim-90k bike-21k run). Our small […]

A Day with the Running Priest in Hong Kong

How do you spend a day  in Hong Kong with the Running Priest? Contrary to what many of my friends guessed, there was no running (we’ve done that), no mass, no confession (at least not real confession). But it was still a cardio-packed day filled with spiritual reflection,  thought-provoking conversation and inspiration. I went to […]

Pinay in Action All Women's Run 2009

Every year I am asked why do a run to celebrate women’s month? My answer is because running is empowering. We gain strength and confidence in the company of other women. We feel good when we run. We may be tired, but when we finish our run, we feel accomplished, proud and happy! A lot of […]

I Salute the Champ : Francis "Nino" Casey Alcantara

Early Monday morning, just when I felt I needed inspiration, I got a text message from my training partner, partner are you up? I am just at Tito Rommie’s house chatting with him and Nino, text me when you are ready to train. I suddenly was no longer sleepy. I texted him right back and […]