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My Bike Chronicles: A Glimpse of Bohol

  Polvoron sand and the beautiful blue sea. That’s what comes to mind when I close my eyes and think of Bohol. It started with a ferry ride from Cebu to Bohol with my bike in tow. My bike is my best friend and my preferred  mode of transportation whenever possible. It doesn’t happen as […]

Legislative Agenda for 2014

On the first Saturday of the year, my amazing Senate legal team indulged me and let me buy them a cup of coffee each in exchange for working on a weekend. I wanted to take stock of where we were so we could start our year strong. It happened to be the birthday of my […]

UAAP residency rule: A huge setback

  This is my blog in reaction to the UAAP Board’s ruling that upholds their two-year residency rule, as published by _____ This photo was taken during the Senate hearing, as I spoke to Mr. Jerry Pingoy and Mr. Vic. Bartolome, parents of UAAP student-athletes who are affected by the new UAAP rule. Speak […]

Open Letter to the UAAP Board from a Former UAAP Athlete, a Mom of Athletes, and a Sports Advocate

I was 15 when I entered the University of the Philippines as a college freshman. Everything was strange and new to me.  I hardly knew anyone. But one thing I did know is that I wanted to play volleyball. I was a passionate albeit unskilled high school volleyball player who dreamt of playing serious volleyball. […]

To the Filipino Youth: Don’t throw away your chance at an Education

To the Filipino youth: Please do not throw away your chance at an education. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations guarantees the right to an education. And yet across the world, million of young people will never leave a life of poverty due to the lack of  education. […]

A Day with the Running Priest in Hong Kong

How do you spend a day  in Hong Kong with the Running Priest? Contrary to what many of my friends guessed, there was no running (we’ve done that), no mass, no confession (at least not real confession). But it was still a cardio-packed day filled with spiritual reflection,  thought-provoking conversation and inspiration. I went to […]

Government Employees Deserve a Better Deal

Our country is in the midst of a health and education crisis. We need to attract and retain the best in the profession. One way to do this is to pay them well. The Senate and the House each passed their own resolution, which are both referred to as the Salary Standardization Law 3 (SSL […]