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Earth Day

I am so proud to wear the Philippine map on my face for Earth Day. It was way back in 1970 when Earth Day began. A full forty-four years ago, 20 million Americans rallied for the protection of the environment. Today, more than 150 countries and over a billion people celebrate Earth Day the world […]

Legislative Agenda for 2014

On the first Saturday of the year, my amazing Senate legal team indulged me and let me buy them a cup of coffee each in exchange for working on a weekend. I wanted to take stock of where we were so we could start our year strong. It happened to be the birthday of my […]

My First Skyrun: Mt Ugo 34km Akyathon

Ive been running for many many years. Ive done 7 marathons and tons of shorter races. I’ve also climbed a few mountains. Last year I hit the the trails..and fell in love. I did the inaugural  xterra off-road triathlon in Cebu and qualified for the Word Champs in Maui in October, which included a 10k very tough […]

When Disaster Strikes: A visit to CDO after Sendong

Driving from the airport to the Cagayan de Oro City does not instantly reveal the damages brought about by Sendong. The usual traffic is ever-present, the hustle and bustle of city life goes on.  But then you come to the Rotonda Bridge and wonder why there are cars parked along the side of the road […]

On the Road on Two Wheels

In celebration of carless day, I had mapped out two ways of getting to my office in Pasay City from Alabang sans a car. The first is using different modes of public transportation plus my feet. This would entail: Walking from my house to the main street of our village which would take about five […]

A Day with the Running Priest in Hong Kong

How do you spend a day  in Hong Kong with the Running Priest? Contrary to what many of my friends guessed, there was no running (we’ve done that), no mass, no confession (at least not real confession). But it was still a cardio-packed day filled with spiritual reflection,  thought-provoking conversation and inspiration. I went to […]

Solar Power, Mushrooms and Clean Water in Cagayan de Oro

During my trip to Cagayan de Oro a few months ago, I visited the CEPALCO Solar Power Plant, the largest solar power plant in Southeast Asia. It currently serves 900 households in the area. I was surprised how simple it all seemed. As you can see in the pictures, it is simply a large number […]

Rain, Worms and Women Power in Dumaguete

Worms were not part of my agenda in going to Dumaguete. But it found its way into my schedule after City Mayor Agustin Perdices and Governor Emilio Macias III, each told me how they are using worms to create organic fertilizer. The process is fairly simple: Mix manure, organic products like leaves and a handful […]

What Have You Done Today to Make You Feel Proud?

This is a refrain from a song in my ipod shuffle, which I hear a couple of times a week when I’m out biking or running. I often ponder on that song and wonder what I have done to make, not only myself proud, but my parents, and the people around me? I wonder if […]

My kind of Jeep

Finally a road vehicle that excites me…I’m not into cars, slow cars, they don’t really matter to me.. I cant distnguish one brand from another. I describe cars by their size and color.. Needless to say, new vehicles on the road do not grab my attention…except for one… As I was leaving the provincial […]