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Breast Milk Bank: A first in the Visayas

On Friday, I launched a breast milk bank at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center – the first of its kind in the Visayas. This is in connection with my advocacy to promote breastfeeding, and is also consistent with the mandate of RA 10028 or the Expanded Breastfeeding Act, which I sponsored. Six years ago, I […]

Max, a 3rd Gen Isko ng Bayan

Lately I have been blogging and tweeting about my youngest son, my baby Lucas the latest addition to our family and  my “other baby” the product of my entrepreneurial spirit – Slice at High Street. But unbeknown to me, while I was intently focused on the prosecution’s and the defense’s arguments in the impeachment trial, […]

The Inspiration behind the Perfect Slice

Last year, baby Lucas joined our family. This year, I have a new baby. Not a human baby, but a product of my creative and entrepreneurial mind and spirit.   I can’t say there was a single moment that gave birth to Slice. In many ways SLICE is the product of my imagination, dreams, travels, […]

My brother, the weekend triathlete and runner

Lino got me into triathlon. He was hooked at a time when I was  a contented runner and scared of venturing into something new. He took me on my first “serious” ride around the village. I got hooked after two rides. Then he got a job that kept him up throughout the nights. I continued […]

My Mom, the wind beneath my wings

      My mom grew up on a farm in Michigan. She met my dad when they were both studying in the University of Michigan. A few years later, she left the only country she knew and migrated to the Philippines, a country with a different culture, lacking in modern facilities that she was accustomed […]

Women: The Unpaid Worker

All over the world, women perform unpaid work as homemakers and care-givers. Imagine this: Ms. A is a mother and takes care of her three kids and her elderly parents. She cannot work outside the home. Compare this to another woman, Ms. B who works outside her home. Ms. B cares for the children of […]

What Have You Done Today to Make You Feel Proud?

This is a refrain from a song in my ipod shuffle, which I hear a couple of times a week when I’m out biking or running. I often ponder on that song and wonder what I have done to make, not only myself proud, but my parents, and the people around me? I wonder if […]

You Have Turned My Mourning Into Dancing

September 11, 2001, I was in the coffee shop of a hotel when the news of the twin tower attack reached us. It was horrible horrible news. I was left thinking of all the families who had lost a parent, a sibbling, a loved one. I kept wondering how would they cope…how would they go […]

Remember Possibilities…Phooey with Limitations

My eight year old daughter came home last week with a major decision to make – whether to run for student council Assistant Treasurer or not. Why was this decision so major? Well, she is currently class president and the rule in their school is, if you run and win a position in the student […]

A Sleepytrigirl is Made not Born

How does a sleepytrigirl who has been a night owl most of her adult life become a triathlete or a morning athlete -runner, cyclist whatever? It was a process. It started with the death of my son… Running consoled me.. As I added on the mileage, I decided to train for a marathon (the Chronicle […]