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When Monsters become Real

When I was a child, I would climb into bed with my mom and fall asleep in the comfort of her warmth, knowing monsters would not come close with my mom by my side. I am no longer a child and have outgrown my fear of bedtime monsters. But what about children living in Maguindanao […]

Bike 02: Commute via LRT with your Bike

Bike commuters and environmentalists rejoice! Bikes are now allowed on LRT line 1 and line 2.  Foldable bikes that is. I had the pleasure of traveling from Cubao to Luneta via two modes of eco-friendly transportation – as a bike commuter and on board the LRT. Along with LRTA Administrator Mel Robles, bike enthusiasts and […]

London Part I: Women Power thru Pinay OFWs and the Queens of England

After my conference in Geneva, I flew to London. I had requested the Philippine Embassy to set-up a dialogue with the Pinay OFWs, particularly the nurses. I have been working on our problem brought about the migration of our health professionals and knowing that we had a large number of nurses in the UK, I […]