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When it doesn't Hurt to Cry

Two  Saturday ago,  we celebrated my son Gabriel’s life with our 8th 12 hour event in his memory. It was a fun filled day with activities happening simultaneously. Before the official start, Maiqui and Drew already started their ironman with their 4k swim. People started running and biking at 6 am… and the kids tri […]

A Quiet Day in the Senate: Family Code Amendments and A1H1 Vaccination

September 9, 2010 Thursdays are usually quiet in the Senate. It is not a session day, but there are hearings in the morning and the afternoon. I had two things going on that day. One was the  hearing I chaired on the Committee on Women, Youth and Family Relations with respect to the amendment of […]

When Running Barefoot Is Their Only Choice

While I was doing my usual training along Daang Hari on a Saturday morning, waving at my triathlon friends who had just finished theirs, a group of kids caught my eye. They were a rag tag team gathered under a shady tree. First they did some stretching, then some serious push-ups and sit-ups, after which they […]