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The Yellow Brick Road

The President sent a very clear message in his SONA last Monday. His administration has ZERO tolerance for “utak wangwang,” referring to government officials and private citizens who have been abusive in the past. Cleansing, purging, prosecuting. LOUD and CLEAR. It’s a good message. It’s a far cry from the past administration’s statements and actions. […]

In Our Own Backyard

I am proud to report that the Philippine Senate has been able to reduce by as much as 50% the volume of garbage it generates following its successful implementation of a solid waste management program. This has happened because of the establishment of a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in our parking lot pursuant to the Ecological […]

The Mayor Sara that I know

Sara Duterte, the feisty, no-nonsense, hardworking mayor of Davao City, a household name in Davao City, is now a household name all over the country. Three days ago, she punched a sheriff in the face after he failed to heed her request to hold off a demolition order for two hours to avert further violent confrontations […]