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Impeachment: What to Expect?

As all eyes turn to the Senate, to watch the impeachment trial unfold, an understanding of the procedure and the intent of the Constitution would help everyone understand this process better. Role of the Senate: Article XI, section 6 of the Constitution states: The Senate shall have the sole power to try and decide all […]

The Inspiration behind the Perfect Slice

Last year, baby Lucas joined our family. This year, I have a new baby. Not a human baby, but a product of my creative and entrepreneurial mind and spirit.   I can’t say there was a single moment that gave birth to Slice. In many ways SLICE is the product of my imagination, dreams, travels, […]

Teen, tweens and a toddler in Baguio

Christmas 2012 When I was a child, I spent almost every Christmas break, summer break and semestral break in Baguio. I simply got in the car or the bus, fell asleep on my mom’s shoulder and woke up when we stopped-over in Tarlac where I happily devoured Pampanga’s best tocino, sinangag and fried egg. These […]